Shirley is a Senior Consultant for the Bo Carrington & Associates, LLC. specializing in executive coaching, organizational development helping organizations understand how to help their leaders lead at their peak.

Shirley has special expertise as an educator. She has been an adjunct professor at Seattle University Albers School of Business, Keller Graduate School of Management, and Mercer University Stetson School of Business and Economics and enjoys working with others that want and enjoy learning.

Shirley is a member of the Pennsylvania bar (but claims to be a reformed attorney), a certified SPHR, and certified in numerous tools an d assessments. She has developed leadership development curricula, conducted scores of team building sessions, and trained hundreds of managers on how to manage their employees effectively in a legally defensible manner.

Some of Shirley’s recent clients include Ingersoll-Rand, Kaiser Permanente, INC Research, Envision Radiology, and Gulfstream. Shirley has served as a coach in varying capacities for 35 years. Most of that time she was an HR leader in Fortune 400 companies. For the last three years she has been an external coach providing support through her own small firm and other strategic partners like BCA. Shirley’s approach to coaching is a well honed Socratic method in which clients discover an appropriate path by answering questions which in turn creates internal capacity that gradually eliminates the need for a coach, at least in the areas being developed.

Some of her clients have grown into larger roles. Many have remained in their roles, but increased their contributions to their employers.
Educationally, Shirley has a BA from The Johns Hopkins University, a JD from American University, and an LLM in Labor law from Georgetown University.