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Effective leadership come in a variety of packages. It is sometimes described as charismatic, sometimes commanding and stern and other times kind and soft. While there are likely many other “unsuccessful” leaders that can be described with the same words, what the difference between the two is there are very few successful leaders who haven’t worked hard to build themselves into who they are today.

The truth is, successful leadership takes work, personal work. And at a time when we need incredibly competent, resilient and adaptive leaders, our resources are challenged. So, with that challenge in mind, what can we do to build more effective leaders?
Let’s start with these three points of consideration:


The process of “improvement” growth or whatever we want to call it is rather simple, but not easy.  If it were, we’d have a lot fewer people running around calling themselves executive leaders.  Instead, we have the opposite. To grow, we first must accept that because something worked before, doesn’t necessarily mean it will give you the same result the next time.

To be successful requires constant growth, that growth requires self-knowledge and continual learning.  Because you’ve “made it” also doesn’t mean you were, or are, ready even with well-designed and executed succession planning.  Even if you were ready for today, that doesn’t mean you’ll be ready for tomorrow.



“If all you have is a hammer to work with and everything else is a nail, you’re probably in good shape.  However, if you find yourself working with a woodscrew, that hammer might not work as well, at least consistently!”



Today’s executives are uniquely exposed to challenges that have been present for many years, but have been unnoticed in the past but are beyond flagrant today. It’s through constant coaching and targeted development that leaders are able to stay at the top of their game.

Top-performers in athletics, the arts, and the military train incessantly to get to the top and continue to do so even after being recognized as top in their fields. What makes us think that business leaders with way more moving parts and impact don’t need that same level of development?


Study, after study, after study have shown the benefits of working with a good coach.  If sports is your thing, think about your favorite championship team and ask yourself if they would have been as good without their coach!  The same talent was there, the same team leadership likely would have been there, but there is something about having that person on the sideline that can see what the players can’t, both in their individual and team performance and then give feedback or help players make the adjustments needed to win.

Coaches working with business leaders are no different.  The game of business might have bigger implications, the rules and environment may be different, but the resources involved are not, they are people. Coaches work with people to help them deliver their best performance and continually grow what their “best” is.

Studies by both Forbes and Harvard Business show that a strong majority of high-performing executives today have a coach—a professional outsider who can coach, counsel, advise, and act as a sounding board and sometimes a steam vent.


“Coaches work with people to help them deliver their best performance and continually grow what there “best” is.”


When surveyed, well over 90% of those executives without a coach stated clearly, they wish they had one. Coaching is a cornerstone of BCA’s professional practice.

Whether solving tough problems or maximizing personal effectiveness, leaders call upon our renowned coaches to help them achieve their targeted outcomes.  Our coaches have collectively worked with over 1,000 leaders in organizations, large and small.

The staff at BCA knows good leadership, and understands the demands placed on executives today. We can discuss both team-based approaches for the leadership team, or individual executive coaching for those executives looking to become better at what they do.

BCA works with its clients to bring about the transformation and results necessary to compete and win in today’s economy.