Kim’s experience in consulting with large corporations to design and deliver leadership development and coaching is integrated into a well- crafted approach that’s positively impacted emerging and senior leaders and their teams worldwide. With humility, wisdom and skill, Kim works with clients to strengthen and integrate emotional and other intelligences into their professional lives and growth.

Leading with impact starts with knowing the ‘why’ of our personal and professional commitments. Kim works with clients to know their purpose before acting towards their coaching goals. There’s no fire like true belief to fuel the persistence needed for long-term success. Her strong corporate background and personal commitment to leading with courage supports leaders who’re counted on to make a difference, and are serious about doing so.

As the capability of connecting and igniting collaborative effort across differing priorities and perspectives increases in matrixed and global organizations, its importance rises for all leaders – especially those that may be culturally or organizationally socialized to lean-out vs. lean-in with their leadership behaviors. Kim has equipped introverts, women, men, emerging and existing leaders to gain positive influence with boards, bosses, peers, reports and broader stakeholder communities, building on the emotional and spiritual intelligences required to manage ourselves so we are both exemplary followers and leaders.

Kim’s leadership and emotional intelligence coaching continues to be an integral part of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development programs for global organizations including Korn  Ferry-HayGroup,  Flippen  Group  and  the  Institute  for  Health  and  Human  Potential.

Kim holds both B.S. and M.Sc. degrees and is certified in: The Birkman Method™, Emotional Styles and Climate Inventory (ESCI by HayGroup), Spiritual Intelligence Assessment (the SQ21 by and Systems Dynamics in Organizations (SDOI from The Bert Hellinger Institute in The Netherlands). In addition, she is a member of the Houston and International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Association of Talent Development (ATD) and the Conscious Capitalism initiative in Houston.