As the Founder & President of BCA Executive Consultants, Bo helps leaders consistently see tangible, real-world benefits, by working with them in a straightforward, honest and practical way to make behavioral changes that are directly linked to the organization’s strategic initiatives, and their own effectiveness as a leader.

Bo, brings more than 20-years of varied management and leadership experience to bear on his clients’ leadership and organizational challenges, including a leadership vision shaped by two and a half decades of experience in the U.S. Air Force and working in and with high performing organizations. He brings out the best in organizations by in-depth analysis of their (in) effectiveness and strengthens their leadership teams with tailored development and coaching.

Bo has served as a coach to well over 100 leaders over 20 years, both as an internal resource while leading HR functions, and as an external executive coach.  His insight and data driven approach to coaching has assisted many leaders at senior levels to grow through existing career barriers and has assisted many high potential leaders grow to assume new and expanded roles.   His coaching experience includes executive leadership development coaching in a context of individual effectiveness and coaching leadership teams for greater effectiveness and alignment.  Bo’s list of coaching clients is spread across industries and professional levels and his active client list includes more than dozen organizations, some of which involve engagements with multiple leaders.

Bo is a certified executive coach and affiliated with, The Hayes Group International, The Marshall Goldsmith Group and Robert Gregory Partners (Franklin Covey) as an executive coach.

What Bo does uncommonly well is to help successful leaders at all levels in the organization achieve positive, long-term change in their behavior for themselves, their people and their teams.

After over 20 years of professional service Bo is a firm believer in viewing yourself as both the cause of and solution to your own problems.  He sees that people all too often fail to fully grasp the power of their thinking mind and live primarily through their innate habits.  The alternative he strives to teach through his coaching is to embrace the power of choice and decision making regarding our actions.  He loves helping leaders understand the impact – both positive and negative – they’re having on the organization.

As a business leader, consultant and coach, Bo has focused throughout his career on helping individual leaders and teams grow in ways that create concrete business results. He views coaching as a measurable business process that should deliver tangible results and ROI.

Raised mostly in a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi (those who know him say he really didn’t “grow up” until his mid-20’s), his dad was looking for discipline, and he was looking for adventure when he joined the Air Force as a medical technician, became part of an emergency medicine team, and a few years later became part of an aeromedical evacuation crew. He proudly served for over 10 years, including in the first Gulf War combat zone (we knew it as Desert Shield/Desert Storm). Carrington got his first real experience in intentional leadership from a tough-as-nails Chief Master Sergeant and learned early on that voluntarily giving superior performance to a leader was very different than performing out of fear of punishment. That type of intentional, influential leadership is what he tries to inspire at BCA and with his clients.


Carrington’s Air Force service landed him in Texas, and he never left (he considers himself a Texan without the twang). He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting (Hardin-Simmons), an MBA with an emphasis in International Business and Human Resource Development, and leadership experience in business sectors that include investment & insurance, transportation/logistics, retail and manufacturing. The most influential role model in his corporate life was a 30+ year iconic leader that needed some help with people skills – and not only got it but applied it at that late stage of his career, shared it with those around him and brought even more success to the company. Carrington learned what it meant to coach and mentor others by being coached and mentored and most importantly how to keep from making things more complicated than they should be.  His life philosophy is that most things in life aren’t overly complicated, they are simply just not easy.


Bo lives in San Antonio, Texas and when he’s not chasing around his 10- and 16-year-olds, he’s either in the dojo continuing his fourth black belt journey, serving on the board of a non-profit or on the dance floor chasing his newly found passion for competitive ballroom dance.