A New Year, A New Thought Process


Was perusing some old posts and came across this one.  Thought it was worthy of a repost!


Wow, another year has come and gone.  As I was thinking about the speed at which this year has passed.  I caught myself having a semi-pity party wondering if I could remember a year with as much “bad” stuff as 2012.  Normally I am a pretty positive person and can typically find good in just about anything.  This year however has been a tough year to do that, or so I thought!  As I sat and reflected, a realized that with a new year, a new thought process was required to make the new one different than the old one!

If you know me, you know that I disdain pity parties and I try really hard to not disdain myself.  So, when I found myself squarely in the middle of river of my own tears I did what I tell others to do, stop for a minute and take stock of everything rather than only that which you (I in this case) are mourning and that is exactly what I did.

My initial thoughts automatically went to the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and to the horrid political theater that we have experienced throughout the year, but once I stopped myself from going down that path I realized that there were a lot of good things that happened this year as well.  Things like:

  • We landed a new rover on Mars
  • A man broke the free fall and speed record and lived to tell about it
  • For golfers, you’re no longer penalized if a gust of wind moves your ball just before you hit it
  • We got an extra 24-hours to get more sleep, work done or more play in with the leap year
  • The election is behind us, so no more political ads (just a little spin from my negative thought above)!
  • And, the Mayan’s were wrong!!

On a personal note,

  • My fourth grandchild was born (Maggie)
  • Our business was up almost 15% over last year
  • My family and I continue to be healthy, happy and fully enrolled in the memory making journey that we call life
  • My son got the Skylanders that he wanted for Christmas (everything else became moot almost immediately)!
  • We actually surprised my daughter with her Christmas gifts
  • I survived my family trip home without alienating any of my siblings or parents (that’s a REAL good thing!

So you see 2012 was not a bad year after all!  While tragedy may befall us individually or as a nation or society, we never lose the choice of what we choose to focus on.  With that said, my question to you is, “what will you choose to focus on in 2013?”  Imagine how different the world might be if we achieve a change in critical mass and how we choose to see the world!  It’s really pretty simple, just not always easy!

Obviously its no longer 2013, but when you look back over 2019, what do you remember and what do you hope to see in 2020?

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