International Engineering Firm Case Study

Leadership Development & Reputation Management

In a highly technical, process-driven industry, an international engineering firm suffered from poor external perceptions and lacking internal communication. We worked with the client to establish a culture of collaboration and revamp its reputation among current and prospective clients, both internal and external.

The Challenge

A small team of industry-renowned experts within this international engineering firm, each averaging 35 years in the field, faced serious push- back internally and externally. These challenges threatened the parent company’s profitability.

With the unit’s stellar reputation– based on industry expertise–the demand for services surpassed its capabilities. Because of these increased demands and internal conflicts, employees failed to collaborate internally and their clients began to perceive them as arrogant and difficult to work with. As a result, many clients started looking for alternative resources.

The Process

Operating in a highly technical sector with huge safety implications, the firm’s operations were very process- driven. We were hired to assess those processes, identify inefficiencies, improve collaboration, expand the team, and improve the external perception of the team’s members.

To gain in-depth understanding of internal dynamics we observed employee interactions and conducted individual assessments of leaders and advisors. After the assessment phase was complete, we put together a development strategy to improve the firm’s operations both internally and with its clients.

The Solution

Individual coaching was key to the success of this program. Basic communication strategies were the foundation of the leadership development process. We also facilitated group training focused on emotional intelligence, social awareness and how verbal and non-verbal cues impact clients’ perception of the advisors. Group workshops were fundamental in building team unity and collaboration. These group sessions also allowed us to gain a better understanding of recruiting needs, empowering the client to hire additional team members. We then established a set of criteria the client can use when hiring to ensure necessary industry expertise and cultural fit.

The Results

The leadership and communication efforts are ongoing. Initial results are promising as the client has improved efficiencies with several key processes. Most noticeably, internal collaboration and client acceptance have improved.


An international engineering firm with a stellar reputation for industry expertise experienced a steady decline in external perceptions as a result of poor communication skills. We were able to quickly improve client acceptance and greatly improve internal collaboration.