Pat Chaffin is a Senior Consultant with BCA Executive Consultants. His background includes both military and civilian careers in organizational development with a specific emphasis on team performance enhancement, internal group process improvement, employee engagement and organizational transition (to include significant experience in both mergers and acquisitions).  In addition, Pat had led numerous culture change initiatives through employee engagement interventions and key leader coaching and development.

Pat is an accomplished coach with a long list of executive development efforts working with a variety of clients to include, governmental agencies from the city/county up to the federal level. In the private sector, Pat has worked with sales, technology, manufacturing, distribution and financial services organizations. His typical engagements have centered on team performance enhancement, change management, employee engagement, leadership coaching and work group facilitation.

Pat’s diverse career ranges from serving as both a line and staff officer on active duty as well as the Army Reserve over the course of his 30-year military career, climbing the ladder to the rank of Colonel (O-6) to senior executive positions in the public sector.  His background in the military ranged from platoon leader up to Battery Commander prior to entering the organizational effectiveness field.  Pat was one of the first classically trained military Organizational Development Staff Officers in the Army.  He is a graduate of the U.S. Army’s Organizational Effectiveness School and served as the Organizational Effectiveness Staff Officer.  At one point he even served as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Tulane University (he just doesn’t brag about that one).

Upon transition to civilian life, Pat entered the civilian sector as a HR leader in the banking industry and after 17-years, decided to retire again!  During that time, Pat had direct corporate accountability for organizational development, staffing, employee relations, merger/acquisition and training activities.  As a Senior Vice President with SunTrust Bank Inc. he served as the Senior Florida Group Human Resources Client Consultant with accountability for their Florida business units consisting of over 10,600 employees located throughout the state. In addition, he was accountable for the design and implementation of Talent Management Assessment process on a corporate-wide basis and served as the Human Resources lead for merger and acquisitions throughout the SunTrust franchise. His previous experiences include service as the corporate Chief Human Resources Officer for Carolina First Bank Corporation (later The South Financial Group); Bank of America/Barnett Banks serving as Human Resource Director for Barnett Operations Company, the South Banking Region, and the Barnett Technologies Company. Pat’s objectives were specifically focused on team performance enhancement, corporate talent assessment/planning, as well as leadership efforts directed to merger and acquisition integration.

In his role as a Senior Consultant for BCA, Pat leads special initiatives in both military and commercial organizations.  His experience and expertise lend themselves well to our client’s needs, whether leading such efforts or working one-on-one with a coaching client.

Pat is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana having an undergraduate degree from LSU (we like to give him grief for that one) and a Masters from the University of Oklahoma. He is a Director Emeritus on the serves on the Center for Human Resources Management in the Florida State University School of Business. He is active in community and charitable events. He lives in Orlando with his wife, Debby, and they have two adult children.