Matt Guiver’s pathfinder approach to executive coaching provides swift clarity and insights for individuals and executive teams to take tangible action – providing transformative impact for years to come. Matt believes context is everything. He finds too many clients are inclined to resolve problems head on without first taking time to understand and rectify the root cause. Taking a step back avoids repetition and helps shift behavior patterns that produce more effective results. Matt’s broad areas of expertise include leadership transformation, interpersonal skills, strategy, brand, company culture and innovation.

Matt’s BA Honors in Industrial Design formed the backbone of his creative instincts. He has always been curious about what makes people tick and has become interculturally astute having driven many international projects, partnerships and developments in over 35 countries spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Matt combines his first-hand practical experience and creative flair with his qualifications and coaching accreditations to provide clients with a tactical soundboard and the clarity needed to align strategic direction with their unique competencies to expand and grow the business.

Matt excels in developing powerful techniques such as PictureSpark™ – a neuroscience technique using imagery – as well as a series of unique coaching models to help illustrate and simplify the complexity of challenges to enable fresh perspective, tactical outcomes and transformational growth.

Matt’s 20-year career includes leading expeditions around the world, designing the next generation of products with Dyson, setting up international community development projects and spearheading international recruitment in Higher Education before stepping into executive coaching. His extensive experience working with senior executives and CEOs stretches across manufacture, finance, design, pharma, IT and Emerging Technologies. Along with executive coaching, workshops and facilitation, he also delivers keynote speaking on leadership, brand and innovation. After living in the UK, Sweden and Austria, Matt now lives in San Antonio, Texas with his Swiss wife and 2 active boys. He has a deep affinity with nature and loves to travel off the beaten track.