Ken is a dynamic, experienced and professional leader.  His first career was a long one, 30-years in the U.S.A.F.  After serving in a variety of operational roles (including a stint as a military training instructor – MTI), and then at the highest levels of the senior enlisted corps, Ken retired and decided to give back to others, in and outside the military, the same wise counsel, consulting and coaching that helped him throughout his military career.


He is adept at coaching and building productive relationships that help achieve real results.  Throughout his later military career as a Command Chief Master Sergeant and Senior Enlisted Leader Ken partnered with internal and external leaders to assess, design, develop, and deliver appropriate training strategies that resulted in both individual and enterprise-wide performance improvement.  In addition to working at the strategy development level, Ken is also an executor.  As a major performance improvement initiative, he developed and led the implementation of a comprehensive talent management program that aligned the jobs of almost 600 military training instructors and their specific competency requirements to an enterprise competency model.  This program was then used to determine the workforce development needs, skill pathing opportunities, performance management, and succession planning.


As the Special Duty Manager for Military Training Instructors (drill sergeants), Ken drove a cultural policy shift in one of the most complex human capital management issues in government history as related to a training program.  His greatest impact was personally engaging employees and managers on the “new” vision of the learning organization where he conducted weekly organizational development crosstalks and coached leadership teams to become change agents and cement the new direction.  Ken’s uncanny ability to “bridge” messages, from senior officials to the newest employee, continues to inspire the people he meets and that ability has and continues to serve him well.


As a professional speaker/trainer, Ken is multi-faceted with significant communications subject matter knowledge.  He shares real-life experiences with those looking to make a change in their lives or professions.


He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an MBA.  Ken recognizes the value of education, observation, and people skills, and incorporates all three as developmental imperatives for collaborative leadership.