Jeffrey is an international executive strategic management consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach who works with organizations to find innovative ways to improve overall operations and effectiveness through developing their most important resource: Their people.
With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has found that great organizations do not just happen. Success is directly linked to the ability to inspire, motivate, and develop Management Teams where clarity of mission is combined with empowerment and accountability as core principles.
He has helped clients:
• Establish and re-establish strategic goals and objectives with an emphasis on profitability;
• Provided Team building training focused on understanding revenue and cost management and effective action based decision making.
• Developed and delivered effective coaching, mentoring and training focused on key management skills necessary for achieving success as a manager, supervisor and organizational leader with an emphasis on using and developing Emotional Intelligence to achieve greater individual life/balance leading to advancing overall organizational objectives and goals.

After a successful career in offline print and digital marketing led media businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom, in 2012 Jeffrey was asked to join INSTIGATE a leading hospitality and restaurant management consultancy with an emphasis on turning around troubled businesses. In every assignment, there was an immediate improvement in management engagement, mission redirection and understanding which led to real cost reduction, improvement in sales and overall improvement in net operating profit. As an executive coach he has developed a methodology for assisting managers and executives to take or retake control over their careers with an emphasis on life-caring which melds personal and professional goals into one coherent system for achievement and satisfaction.
Having lived and worked in both the United Kingdom and United States, he has delivered both individual and group training to many organizations both domestically and internationally.
Jeffrey holds a B.A. degree in International Affairs from George Washington University and also studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Recently Jeffrey re-located to the Atlanta, Georgia from London, and is rediscovering his southern mojo having grown up in Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. An avid rower, his move has meant trading his beloved Thames for the Chattahoochee.