Debbie Hood is an accomplished learning and development practitioner with a comprehensive background in organization development, career development and training & development. Her background includes over 20 years working in corporate training for Jack In The Box, one of the largest restaurant chains in North America, where she led the design and implementation of numerous leadership development programs for two restaurant brands, strategic initiatives at the enterprise level, and served as a performance consultant and executive coach.  Debbie’s background also includes language and museum education.  Today, she remains a “teacher at heart” in her work as an independent HPT practitioner to help leaders and organizations grow in their capabilities, succeed in their roles and add value to the bottom-line.

Raised as a military brat, Debbie grew up living across the country and around the world, which led to a love for travel, photography and a global cultural perspective.  This love of culture led to a degree in anthropology from Texas A&M University and later, a passion for organizational culture and effectiveness.   Debbie later learned an MS in Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University and is currently a doctoral candidate completing her PhD in Training & Performance Improvement at Capella University.   As a life-long learner, she considers herself a “scholar-practitioner”, and integrates a theoretical, research-driven approach to her practice as a learning leader.

Throughout her career, Debbie demonstrates that performance consulting is not just a function of her job; it is a profession, an art, and a science.  She approaches her work with the scientific lens of HPT methodology using tools and techniques that impact success.  She also incorporates an artistic side to consulting that fuels her creativity and design.  She likens consulting to a dance between two partners…the wok that goes between the two is collaborative, and focused on finding meaning.  There is a leader to the dance, but the leader has a defined role and lets their partner shine in the spotlight.  In her consulting, Debbie works to ensure her client is shining in the spotlight and successful as a result of the interventions she designs.