Cynthia draws on “book smarts,” “street smarts” and “people smarts” to achieve exceptional outcomes. She excels in facilitating individuals to recognize and maximize their own strengths and in uniting people with different strengths, interpersonal styles, and viewpoints. She understands the criticality of focusing on the entire system as she approaches her projects. In doing this, she has helped companies achieve outcomes that have increased efficiency and profitability, improved team communication and cooperativeness, increased innovative ideas and processes, improved customer service, improved employee recruitment and retention, averted union strikes, decreased tension among and maximized the contributions of various generations in the workplace, reduced workplace harassment, improved workplace safety, guided recent college graduates to thrive in the workplace, etc.


Cynthia strives to serve others and make a difference in every aspect of her life. She is guided by the belief that character, integrity, strong relationships and serving others are foundational elements of success. She propels individuals, teams, and organizations to heightened outcomes with a transformational systems approach that focuses on relevant, immediately applicable and quantifiable solutions and has over 15 years of proven expertise in the organizational consulting and coaching.


Cynthia’s previous key work experience, prior to starting her consulting business in 2001, includes employment with Southwest Airlines as an internal learning and development specialist and The Center for the Study of Work Teams as a High-Performance Work Teams consultant. Cynthia has enjoyed a diverse array of significant projects in a variety of industries with entities large and small, private, and public, and for-profit and not-for-profit. Among them are: The Boeing Company, Florida Crystals Corporation, Texas Instruments, California Management Institute, AT&T Wireless, The Mandalay Resort Group, FedExKinko’s, Workplace Education Manitoba Steering Committee, Taiwan Life Insurance, Civil Service Training Institute of Taiwan, Xi’an JiaoTong University, Shanghai Pudong University, Oxford University, Purdue University, and Texas A&M University.


As mentioned above, Cynthia draws from book smarts, much of which is acquired through an eternal curiosity with learning, but also through her pursuit of a Master’s of Science and then a Doctor of Philosophy Degrees at the University of North Texas in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Coupling all of that with her street smarts and her people smarts, and Cynthia becomes a powerful resource for developing and delivering the solutions her clients need.