Brad came to executive coaching through a varied career where he held numerous executive positions in both secular and religious organizations. He brings 20+ years of managerial and leadership experience to bear with each, and every one of his coaching clients and is hyper focused on helping them take steps toward becoming a better leader every day. Brad’s ability to deeply connect with people coupled with his well-honed use of discernment have helped him help many individuals over the years while leading in his internal roles.
Brad’s journey to becoming an executive coach comes by way of two very different career arcs that converged into a rich tapestry of human insight and organizational effectiveness. His experience with MCI Communications over a 15-year period demonstrated an ongoing pattern of efficiency, productivity and financial integrity to a run-and-gun, highly entrepreneurial enterprise. In that all-or-nothing theater, progress was often forfeited because solutions couldn’t accommodate every contingency. Rather than manage to the exceptions, Brad learned to build teams. He successfully created high performing teams in finance, field operations and technical training that allowed for easy decision points for the large majority of scenarios, with infrequent but more precise secondary evaluations of “one-offs” without derailing the process.
Still wanting to focus on the human capital essentials to a greater degree, Brad was challenged in mid-career to redefine what success was and to place an even greater emphasis on significance over success. This culminated in a complete vocational shift to full-time ministry. It soon became apparent that much of the inspiration of leading-edge thinking within the for-profit realm was never translated or implemented in the nonprofit world. Brad used his corporate experience to bring strategic thinking and systematic process to churches who needed focus to efficiently execute their mission and improve stewardship at the same time. At the same time, he was privileged to understudy a leading Christian author/speaker, and hone his personal skills to become an excellent inspirational communicator.
Brad’s desire is to continue this cross-pollination between the for- and non-profit worlds. He believes that polarities, whether religious, political or corporate in nature, need reasoned and compassionate dialogue and a voice that can bridge the divisions. Best practices can be taken from both realms as well, creating a people-based, solutions-oriented environment that thrives amid varied perspectives. Personal achievement and collaboration are both possible through humility, without sacrificing deep conviction. And mutual vision is achievable enterprise-wide for dynamic results.

Brad holds a B.S. in Business and Communications from Oklahoma Christian University, and has taken advanced courses in the Center for Church-Based Training. He has presented best practices at the International Quality and Productivity Center, University of Texas – Dallas, the American Society of Training and Development, and the ROI Network. He and Cheryl, his wife of 34 years, have two grown daughters, and have co-authored A Healing Marriage, designed to assist couples work together through childhood trauma. When otherwise unoccupied, Brad can be found happily roaming a local golf course.